A downloadable game for Windows

An Entry for Ludum Dare 45.
The theme is "Start with nothing".
Create new words by using what's in front of you.

Final results
Overall: 206th (3.5 average from 28 ratings)
Fun: 261st (3.204 average from 29 ratings)
Innovation: 72nd (3.86 average from 27 ratings)
Theme:25th (4.269 average from 28 ratings)
Graphics: 311th (3.12 average from 27 ratings)
Audio: 240th (3.043 average from 25 ratings)
Humor: 218th (2.643 average from 23 ratings)
Mood: 306th (3.023 average from 24 ratings)


wordplay.exe 15 MB
wordplay.zip 2 MB

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